Artist Statement

The internal text:

No  foreground, middle-ground, or background; eliminating any distraction from the textual aspect of the body. The body is the final meaning, a single text, a hieroglyph.

By using the language of photography as little as possible; only its most basic formalities, yet maintaining a baroque aspect contained within the austerity  of the image.

An internal barroquismo.

By  inciting an archaic and animalistic identity in the body: Through forgetfulness  of itself, the body becomes truthful.


To provoke a state of catharsis in the subject in the truest Dionysian sense. Using certain themes through spontaneous combination of words and intonations, to  bring out the irrationality of the subject as in a joyful dance.

Anatomy  acquires a syntactic relationship with itself. Anatomy becomes syntax. The body becomes a text for the viewer to read, constructed of movement and expression.

Ad usum Delphini:

When the body-text is hidden by geometry which assumes the function of text in order to protect virginal sensibilities. The full expressive nature  of  the body is made apparent and enhanced by the elimination of the subject's identity. The geometric shape and the choice of color should be a simple aspossible in order to accentuate the hidden catharsis.

Everything framed by a strictly formal presentation.

Using Format