The Essence of Self: My Approach to Portraiture

I have been fortunate in the past years to shoot select portraits of very interesting cultural personalities. In each of these sessions I have used directing techniques similar to those in my other work; the object of which is to record in a peculiar, somewhat eccentric pictorial style, the hidden identity of the subject. I call this the “essence of self”, the personality without the mask.

Unique Chromogenic prints are available in two sizes:

27” x 36” (67 cm x 90 cm)

45” x 60” (112 cm x 150 cm) 

For portrait commissions:

[email protected]

Roger Ballen

Artist, U.S.A.

Mario Bellatin

Novelist, Mexico

Aldo Chaparro Winder

Artist, Mexico

Official Portrait

Ilan Gheiler Malamud

Psychoanalyst, Switzerland

Anna Dusi

Curator, U.S.A./Italy

Patrick Hamm

Filmmaker, Germany

Sebastian Zinca

Conductor, Sibelius Academy Orchestra, Finland


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