Gershon Kreimer (U.S.A., b. Lima, Peru) lives and works in  Los Angeles. He graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts  degree in Film. After a brief  period in New York City as a lighting technician; he shifted  towards production  in independent film,  television, and live network news broadcasting.

In 2012 Gershon changed course to fully pursue photography as his primary medium. His interest however, is not the photographic language, but  the distortion and eventual  elimination of photography from the photograph.

Each of his several series explores a different type of  manipulation, making  anatomy  whether whole, fragmented, distorted, or modified; its primary language. 

The body becomes an authentic representation of text, through a provoked and voluntary process of irrationality performed by the subject.

His first solo show: “Proving the Limits of Interpretation: Selected Works 2012-2016”, took place at the AEterna Gallery in Los Angeles in February  2016.

His work. “Grace 2”   was included in the offering of “Boys, Boys, Boys” in London;  alongside works by Andy Warhol and Wolfgang  Tillmans.

Kreimer has participated in various group shows in Los  Angeles, and Lima-Peru, as well as several art fairs.

Kreimer’s work is included in numerous private collections in the  cities of Los Angeles, New York, London, Miami, Mexico City, and Lima-Peru.

Photo by Jeanene Beauregard.

Exhibitions and Fairs


Art Market San Francisco. Timothy Yarger Fine Art.


Art Miami, Art Basel Week. Timothy Yarger Fine Art.


Market Art + Design, The Hamptons: Timothy Yarger Fine Art.

Photo L.A.: Timothy Yarger Fine Art.


Aspen Art Fair: Timothy Yarger Fine Art.

-Boys! Boys! Boys! sale curated by Ghislain Pascal of The Little Black Gallery in London.

-Ping Pong, L.A. Art Show.


Probing the Limits of Interpretation: Selected works 2012-2015     

AEterna Gallery, Los Angeles, California.


-Aqua Art Miami, Cancio Contemporary.
-Experimento BIO, Sala Bilbao Historiko, Bilbao, Spain.

-Impakto Summer Show, 2015, Galeria Impakto, Lima, Peru.

-Captiv8, G-Collective, Los Angeles, United States.

                                                                        -Visceral: Always in Real Time, Aqua Art Miami. Cancio Contemporary,  Miami Beach.                                                                                                         

-Lumino City, Galeria Impakto, Lima, Peru.


2020 Not Real Art Grant.


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